About Us

Trusted by top businesses. Chosen by top talent.

What We Stand For

At Godshall Recruiting, we believe that employers and candidates shouldn’t have to settle. Employers should be able to find candidates with the right skills, the right attitude, and the right fit for your culture. Candidates should be able to find companies that provide a great culture and develop a career they won’t want to leave. And we believe the people who connect them should be in it for the long haul—not as a temporary liaison.

At Godshall, we build real and lasting relationships with both sides of the hiring table, because that’s how everyone wins.

Why Godshall?

  • 1. Our People

    We have the best recruiting team in the business; people who have been with us for years and who are passionate about making the perfect connection between employer and candidate. We are a true team and work together collaboratively to help clients and candidates find the right fit.

  • 2. Our Experience

    Our roots in Greenville go back fifty years. We have seen how local industries have evolved and we have helped our clients thrive in every imaginable economic climate by helping them recruit and staff for long-term success and growth. The right fit is, and always will be, our focus.

  • 3. Our Commitment

    We commit fully to connecting exceptional talent with great companies. We don’t take shortcuts—we dig deep and get to know the companies we serve, as well as the candidates we champion. At the end of the day, we establish trust by providing honest and open communication throughout the process.

Core Values

  • Personal Relationships: We aren’t just a staffing firm. We are a partner in the long-term success of clients and candidates.
  • Doing the Right Thing: It’s just who we are.
  • Teamwork: We work together to ensure every client and candidate has the full power of our team behind every search.
  • Community Service: We immerse ourselves in the community and give back to help make Greenville a great place to live and work every day.

Find your fit with Godshall.