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How to Give Notice in a Professional Manner

Businessman sending a resignation letter to employer boss in order to dismiss employment contract, changing and resigning from work concept.


Quitting a job is a common career move, and it’s important to handle the process professionally to maintain positive relationships with your employer and colleagues. “Burning bridges” when quitting a job can damage your reputation and make it difficult to work with colleagues in the future. Here are some tips to help you give notice in a professional manner:


Give proper notice:

  • If possible, give your employer adequate notice before leaving. Two weeks is usually the minimum but check your employment contract to see if there are specific requirements. Giving notice shows respect for your employer and colleagues and gives them time to plan for your departure.


Thank your employer and colleagues:

  • Express gratitude for the opportunities and experiences you’ve had at the company and thank your employer and colleagues for their support and guidance. This will show that you appreciate the relationships you’ve built and the knowledge you’ve gained.


Be honest but diplomatic:

  • If you have reasons for leaving the company, be honest but diplomatic in your communication. Avoid being negative or critical and focus on the positive aspects of your decision to move on.


Finish your work:

  • Make sure you complete all your outstanding work and tie up loose ends before leaving. This will help ensure a smooth transition for your employer and colleagues.


Offer to help with the transition:

  • If appropriate, offer to assist with the transition process. This could include training your replacement, creating documentation, or being available for questions.


By quitting your job professionally and respectfully, you can maintain positive relationships with your employer and colleagues and avoid burning bridges that could negatively impact your future career opportunities.


Drew Brown 

Vice President, Godshall Recruiting