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Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers looking for new opportunities in their field. It is the first of its kind as a professional social media networking platform. Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn has a certain algorithm that you will need to learn so you can be successful on it.
Here are some tips on setting up your LinkedIn account for success:
Tip #1
Make sure you fill out your profile thoroughly. This includes updating your current role and having a professional profile picture.

Tip #2
Focus on making your headline keyword friendly! Be specific so recruiters will know the type of opportunity you are searching for.

Tip #3
Keywords are essential parts to have in your profile. Make sure to have specific software or skills added. This will make your LinkedIn profile more searchable!

Tip #4
Stay active on your profile. We suggest spending 10-20 minutes a day interacting and engaging on the platform. Using this method will help LinkedIn connect you to more people in your network.

Tip #5
Do not be afraid to network yourself. LinkedIn was created to put your professional self out there and connect with people in your industry. The bigger network you have, the better your chances are of finding that next career!

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