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How to Ask for Feedback

Here at Godshall, we stay in contact with our candidates during those crucial first few weeks to ensure ongoing success. In addition to the feedback that your recruiter receives from the client, we always suggest going to your supervisor yourself and developing that form of communication from the beginning.

Here are our simple suggestions to help facilitate that conversation and set up future appointments to keep the conversation going.

#1: Set up a time to meet.

Make sure to block enough time to have at least a 5–20-minute conversation with your supervisor.

#2: Narrow down your focus.

Take time to really think about 3-4 core items you would like to discuss with your supervisor. It is important to have a game plan of what you want to talk about so that you can inform your supervisor prior to the meeting. This will allow you both to be prepared for the meeting.

#3: Take notes during the meeting.

Come prepared for the meeting. Bring a pen and pencil or your laptop to take notes. Focus on the constructive criticism and work with your supervisor to create a plan of action for goals to work on.

#4: Make these meetings ongoing.

Before leaving this meeting, work with your supervisor to create a schedule that allows for feedback to be ongoing. Whether it is quarterly or annually, make sure that you keep these meetings on a regular schedule.

#5: Use the feedback.

Now that you have received this feedback, make sure to use it productively, and do not get discourage if there is any constructive criticism.

Remember, always stay positive in these meetings, and put your best foot forward. We understand that these meetings can be uncomfortable at first but stick with it and you will start to feel more confident in your new role.

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