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How to Write and Present your Resignation Letter


How to Write a Resignation Letter:

A good resignation letter sticks to the basics. The letter should only be a few short paragraphs–keep it concise! Remember to keep the overall feel of the letter gracious and positive. Include the following:

• Your Intent: Your letter should start off with the notice that you are resigning. Remember there is no need to go into too much detail. You do not want to hurt any chances you have of using them as a reference in the future.
• Your Last Day: Clearly communicate information about your last day, and make sure that the date you’ve selected is at least two weeks from the date of the letter. You cannot write a professional resignation letter and then leave the day of.
• State your Gratitude: It’s always best to let your employer know that you appreciate the opportunity. Remember, you may need a reference in the future, so make sure to leave a positive impression!
• The Hand-Off: Be sure to state that you intend to make this transition as easy as possible for your employer. Show the willingness to put your best foot forward as you head out the door.
• Thank You: Lastly, end the letter with positivity and gratitude. Give a last thank you for the opportunity.

How to Deliver the Letter:

The way you present the letter is just as important as what you’ve written. Handing your resignation letter in-person sets a good tone for your announcement. Make sure to say thank you one last time and offer your assistance in the transition. If there are any beneficial final thoughts you think would benefit your employer, share them in this conversation or in an exit interview.

Resignation Letter Example:

June 7, 2022

Dear Mr. Smith:

Please accept this letter as notice that I will be resigning from my job here at ABC Company two weeks from today’s date.

Thank you for the support and the opportunities you have provided me over the course of the last six years. You and the team have helped me to grow, and I really appreciate that.

If I can do anything to help with the transition in finding and training my replacement, please let me know.

Again, thank you so much for believing in me and allowing me to serve you and ABC Company.


Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones