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3 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Counteroffer

We’ve all been there before: you aren’t 100% happy with your current workplace and you want to start looking around at other employment options. You receive an offer for a new opportunity that meets all your requirements. When giving your employer your notice, you receive a counteroffer to stay. Is the money worth it? Let’s look at what your options are when debating whether to accept a counteroffer or not.

1. Start by analyzing the reasons why you began to look for another role in the first place? Were you unhappy with the pay? Duties or lack of growth? Manager or co-workers? Not getting the bonus you worked so hard for? Ask yourself if these issues be can be resolved long term if you stay with your current employer.

2. Have an open and honest conversation with your current supervisor about why you started a new job search in the first place. You need to be clear on what lead you to this decision. If you can communicate these reasons, your employer has the information needed to know if the counteroffer really will make you happy in the long run or will they be refilling your role in the next 6 months to a year anyway.

3. Remember that time is on your side. There is no reason to rush this decision because it impacts the rest of your professional career. You never want to feel rushed and take a counteroffer that may not be the best option in the long run. Take your time, think extensively about the pros and cons of staying, and then make the most logical decision for your career.

If you are still on the fence, we suggest going with the new opportunity. Once you have let your employer know that you are not happy and that it took you finding another job to speak with them, trust and loyalty could be an issue moving forward.
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