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How to Successfully Work with a Recruiter

Wondering what it is like to work with a recruiting firm like Godshall? Think of us as matchmakers for your professional career. We know our clients very well, and we try to find candidates with the skills and traits that will create a perfect match. Often candidates think recruiters can find everyone a job. A lot goes into finding the perfect fit! Our recruiter, Cathy Boggs, is here to help shed some light on how to successfully collaborate with a recruiter.

⭐ We know about unposted jobs
That’s right! By having a good relationship with our clients, we know what positions they are looking for even if it is not posted on a job board yet.

⭐ We know our clients’ hot buttons
This means we know how to prep you through the resume and interview process. Knowing what a company is truly looking for gives you the upper hand in a pool of other applicants that do not have that close relationship and insider knowledge.

⭐You get a coach and a partner
What is awesome about working with a recruiter is you get resume advise, interview prep, AND honest feedback. In return we expect honest communication, readiness to take a new opportunity, and follow through. One of the biggest pieces of advice Cathy gives is to be responsive. Set up your voicemail, make sure your inbox is not full, and respond to any calls or texts that you receive from us. The sooner you respond, the sooner we can move forward.

It is important to remember that recruiters are not magicians. There are few instances that can make working with us a bit difficult since we are fee paid by the clients we represent:

1. Candidates with no formal education and little to no experience
2. Those looking to make a career transition to a new field
3. A spotty work history
While there are challenges collaborating with candidates who fall into one of the categorizes above, this does not mean that you should not use a recruiter as an additional resource in your job search. We advise setting a virtual meeting with one of our recruiters to help assess your skills and to see what opportunities may be available for you.

We are the connection between you and our client, so it is in your best interest to optimize that relationship. If you take anything away from this, DO NOT GHOST RECRUITERS! This is going to eliminate you from our active database, and you will no longer have that insider knowledge and career partner. We are on this journey with you, so please, help us to help you!