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Ace your Virtual Interview

Catherine Culler has been at Godshall for over 15 years. This is the first time virtual interviews have become an industry standard. Let’s be honest: you’re nervous, you’ve got to make the right impression, say the right things, and look the part. Now add into the mix that your interview is in your living room. This could be very overwhelming for anybody trying to make sure their interview is successful. Through this past year our recruiters have had a front row seat to how interviewing has changed in the last 16 months. There are definitely some do’s and don’ts to include and avoid when trying to make that right impression virtually.
1. Prep the Tech
Make sure that all systems are a go! This mean check your audio, camera, and microphone. Doing a simple test run can help alleviate some potentially stressful moments at the time of your interview. Make sure that you work out all the technical kinks before interview time!

2. Do your Research
Think of an interview just like an exam. To pass, you need to study up on the subject and make sure you’re knowledgeable on what you’re going to be tested on. Companies like to know that you have done your homework. A good tip is to write down a couple questions about the company to show you know who they are and that you are interested in learning more!

3. Focus on the Positive
This is a good reminder that this is still a professional interview. Don’t forget that companies still want to know what is in it for them. What can YOU bring to the table? What makes YOU stand out? Remember to prep yourself with lists of positive attributes you’ll bring to the position.