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Top 5 Industries Hiring Entry Level Positions

Top 5 Industries Hiring Entry Level Positions

Are you looking for the right opportunities to grow your professional career? Whether you’re a full-time student or looking to go straight into the workforce, there are plenty of industries looking to hire employees willing to learn and grow their skills. Here are top industries hiring for entry level positions.

Retail and Customer Service

The retail industry is a great starting point for many job seekers, particularly in customer service roles. Positions like sales associates, cashiers, and customer support representatives often require minimal experience and provide opportunities for skill development and advancement within the industry.

Many candidates that have experience in the retail and customer service industries gain firsthand knowledge of front facing roles. These play well in future roles that can lead to managerial and leadership positions.


For job seekers looking to find a career in the finance industry there are lots of entry level opportunities such as financial analysts, operations associates, client service representatives, and risk management assistants. These positions can build your customer service skills, software knowledge, professional certifications education, and professional networking opportunities.

Having these skills and experience can shape the future success of your professional career. If you’re looking for an industry that can provide long-term employment with diverse specialties this could be a good industry for you.


The healthcare industry is known for its diverse entry-level opportunities. Roles like nursing assistants, medical assistants, home health aides, and administrative support staff can provide a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Choosing to go into the healthcare industry is a great way to kick start your professional resume. With flexible schedule opportunities and competitive pay rates.

Information Technology (IT) and Tech Support

With the increasing reliance on technology, the demand for entry-level positions in IT and tech support has been growing. These roles include help desk support, technical support, data entry, and quality assurance, which often require basic technical skills and provide opportunities for career advancement.

If you’re looking for a future career in one of the fastest growing industries this could be the industry for you to explore. The IT industry has a diverse number of entry level positions as well as a demand for quality candidates. This means that even if you don’t necessarily have a huge amount of technical skills, an IT company is more likely to look at work ethic and eagerness to learn to fill these entry level positions.

Education and Non-Profit

Educational institutions and non-profit organizations often hire entry-level positions, including teacher assistants, program coordinators, administrative support staff, and outreach coordinators. These roles can provide valuable experience in the education sector or working for a cause-oriented organization.

Making a difference in a community or state-run organization can help pave a path for your professional career. If you’re someone who has a passion for working with others and looking for a fulfilling career, starting in education or joining a nonprofit organization may be the perfect fit for you!

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