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Signs You May Need to Leave a Job


Deciding to leave a job can be a difficult decision, but there are certain signs that may indicate it’s time to move on. Here are some reasons why you might consider leaving a job:


Lack of growth or advancement:

  • If you feel like you’re not learning anything new or you’re not being given opportunities for growth or advancement, it may be time to look for a new job that will provide you with these opportunities.


Toxic work environment:

  • A toxic work environment can include bullying, harassment, discrimination, or excessive workload, and can negatively impact your mental and physical health. If you feel like the work environment is affecting your well-being, it’s important to consider leaving.


Feeling undervalued or underpaid:

  • If you feel like you’re not being paid fairly or that your contributions to the company are not being recognized or appreciated.


Company instability:

  • If the company you work for is struggling financially or experiencing other issues that may impact your job security, it’s important to consider your options and possibly look for other job opportunities.


Lack of work-life balance:

  • If your job is taking up too much of your time and you’re not able to achieve a healthy work-life balance, it may be time to look for a job that allows for more balance and flexibility.


Ultimately, deciding to leave a job is a personal decision, and you should consider your own needs, goals, and values before making a decision. Godshall is here to help and find you the perfect fit!


Drew Brown 

Vice President, Godshall Recruiting