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Effectively Onboarding New Employees- Post Pandemic

As a new season approaches, the demand for quality candidates increases. We understand that a lot has changed since the pandemic started and the workplace is no exception. Having constant communication with employees, especially NEW employees, is crucial to retaining top talent.

#1. The onboarding experience starts before the official hire date starts.
Whether it’s a couple days, weeks, or a month, its essential that you stay in regular contact with your new employee. Starting a new role can be intimidating and keeping up with your candidate came make the transition process easier for them.

#2. Make sure the workspace is set up & have contacts of co-workers available.
Having your new employee’s desk set up is a good indication to your new employee that you’re welcoming and looking forward to incorporating them into the company. This goes hand in hand with having their co-workers contact information available to them. Your new employee is going to have many questions and having a list of POCs can alleviate some of the pressure of knowing who to ask.

#3. Introduce your employee to ALL staff.
This may seem like a no brainer, but this is an important step on the onboarding process. Top Tip: if you have a big company with multiple offices, send out a company email announcing the new employee. Include a photo and a bio about them so their co-workers can recognize and learn more about them! Don’t forget to add a few personal details as conversation starters.

#4. Consider how to integrate the new employee to your office culture.
Every office has a company culture that makes it what it is. To make sure that this new employee will be successful in the culture, it’s a good idea to have protocols or guidelines that are clearly laid out. Having an office mentor could be a good solution to making sure that the new employee can learn and be successful in the office culture.

We hope this was helpful and reach out to us to help you find your perfect fit!