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At Godshall Recruiting, we’ve perfected the art of healthcare hiring. We understand how critical finding the right fit can be in order to provide quality care to your patients. We know that top-notch employees in the healthcare field need more than just medical expertise; they need to exhibit empathy, excellent communication, and customer service skills.

Please review our Clinical Healthcare Employee Handbook

Complaint Form

We strive to provide the best fit at the best clients in Greenville, SC. In order to maintain such excellence, we are always open to hearing feedback. If you ever find that something is not meeting your expectations, please click below and download our complaint form to fill out and submit to us. 

Incident Form

Even in the best situations, things can happen. Here at Godshall Recruiting, we ensure our professional healthcare personnel are highly skilled and proficient in their chosen field. We understand that even with our high standards, things can still happen. Please feel free to report any incidents via our downloadable form.

Godshall is proud to hold The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services since 2016. You may contact the Joint Commission to report concerns about the quality and safety of patient care provided by Godshall’s employees if the concerns cannot be resolved through our firm by clicking here.