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What We Learned in 2020

2020 brought challenges for us all! While it will never be a year any of us want to go through again, there are many lessons we learned along the way that we can hopefully carry into the new year. Here’s are few of the personal and professional lessons Godshall learned along the way!

Family time is important!

  • I learned hanging out with family at home is more important than any trip we could take. Kids are super resilient, and I have been impressed with my teenagers during this trying time. I have had loved ones with very trying years physically and 2020 has put everything in perspective as the world has slowed down. I’m also thankful for technology allowing us to remain close to loved ones who are not near us. – Katherine Ericson
  • The quarantine forced us to play family games just about every night. I raise my children as a single dad and my parents stay with me during the week. This time allowed me to spend more time with my mother who passed just before Christmas. I learned in 2020 to hold tight to your loved ones and take a moment to spend time with them. – Michael Bays
  • Relationships are incredibly important and checking in on each other is as well. I feel more blessed than ever for my family, my work family and all of the candidates and clients that I work with. – Ginny Beach

Take time for healing, focus on the positives, and take things day by day!

  • I found 2020 to be a year of rest and healing. Working from home and taking a break from retail (2nd job) healed my body. I was very grateful to have this position during the quarantine months! I’m very blessed! – Teri Haight
  • Focus on the day and the positives of that day. Don’t get caught up in watching too much news. Think of small blessings that the pandemic has brought – for me those were slower pace and a less rushed schedule. – Catherine Culler
  • 2020 would have been a difficult year for me without COVID-19 happening. It was a difficult year emotionally, mentally, and physically. I learned that in hard times, you must take things day by day and sometimes even hour by hour. Pretty sure there is a verse that talks about tomorrow having enough worries of its own 😊. I also learned how important community and true friendships are. 2020 is not a year I would want to repeat, but I am thankful for the lessons it taught me along the way. Here’s to 2021! – Shawn Kinard

Remote work allowed companies to keep moving!

  • 2020 helped companies learn employees can work remotely and do it well! We’ve loved seeing so many companies transitioning employees to work from home whenever possible and seeing that flexibility rewarded by tremendous performance from their staff. – John Riddle
  • Remote work can work especially with the right technology and the right parameters in place. With constant meetings and calls, co-workers can still collaborate and bond while working apart. – Ginny Beach

We are resilient!

  • I’ve been reminded (not learned for the first time) how resilient people are. My team has been consistently resilient, innovative, and positive. We’ve made changes that I’d have never dreamed of and they have taken the initiative to promote and support new processes and technology very quickly to meet the challenge! – Julie Godshall Brown