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Tips for Virtual Interviews

Thanks to COVID-19, virtual interviews have become the new norm. There are several benefits to conducting virtual interviews that we believe companies will continue to use even when the global pandemic is long gone. Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot of helpful tips we thought would be beneficial to share.

  1. Show up to the interview. This seems like a very obvious tip, but just because it is a virtual interview and not an in person interview doesn’t mean you should take it any less serious. If you need to cancel, reschedule, or have some type of connection issue, reach out vs. ghosting. No showing or ghosting does not reflect well.
  2. Check lighting and sound beforehand. Practice on the device you plan to use. If you have a friend or family member, video chat with them to see how the lighting is, how your sound is, and what your background is going to look like. This will minimize any technical glitches and one less thing your nerves need to worry about. Also, speak clearly and slowly. With a virtual delay, it can be difficult with transitions between participants.
  3. Use a professional background. Many of the platforms for virtual meetings offer backgrounds to choose from if you are working from home or may even be in your car. If the platform doesn’t offer that, try to minimize as much distraction in the background as possible.
  4. Find a quiet area. A professional background means professional visually AND audibly. Meaning no playing children, no dogs barking, or blaring sirens going by. Also, no drinking, eating, or chewing gum.
  5. “Arrive” early. Have everything checked and ready to go 5 minutes before the time of your interview. Finding out your connection is bad when you only have 10 seconds before the time of the interview is not a good way to start.
  6. Dress professionally. We all know it’s a common joke that many of your co-workers and professional peers may look professional up top, but are rocking their jammies below. You never know what may happen in the interview. So just for pre-caution, make sure your entire outfit is professional.
  7. Have good body language. This is a harder one because your interviewer can only see your face and then some. Make sure you are still sitting up straight. Maintain eye contact. Smile as much as you can. Laugh when appropriate. Nod your head when listening. Try to use as much appropriate facial expression as possible to connect with your interviewer.
  8. Do not interview while driving. We know it’s 2021 and we are capable of doing 10 things at once, but virtual interviewing while driving should not be one of them. Please pull off for 5-10 minutes or reschedule to when you can fully focus on your answers.
  9. Prepare as if it’s a “real interview”. It is! Research the company, review the job description, and prepare questions.

If you have any additional tips to add, we always welcome your feedback!