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The Best Questions an Employer Should Ask In An Interview

Interviewing can be overwhelming for the employer and the interviewee. There are so many opinions about what should and shouldn’t be asked that it’s hard to narrow it down to keep the interviewing process efficient and successful. Below are some of the best questions our recruiters recommend to help make your next hiring decision a perfect fit!

  1. Why are you looking for a new opportunity? – This provides insight to what they are looking for to make them happy (i.e. better salary, better management, better work environment, more challenging work, etc.)
  2. What is important to you in your next role that you were not getting in your previous work? – Their answer can offer any further understanding that was missed from the above question on whether your company and position will be a good fit for them.
  3. How would you describe yourself? How a person views themselves tells you a lot about their self-awareness and whether they will fit in with your company’s culture.
  4. What are the reasons for leaving your previous positions? – This question can expose any patterns to be cautious of. Examples: leaving each job for more money only after a year, not getting along with management or other coworkers, being fired from each job for tardiness, etc.
  5. What would your peers say about you as a co-worker? – You want to look for characteristics of a team player, supportive, can do attitude, etc. You can then compare these characteristics when asking for references on the candidate. If there are discrepancies, that is a red flag.
  6. What was your favorite job and why? Least favorite? – This can help determine if the duties of the job you’re hiring for will line up with what this candidate enjoys doing most.
  7. As you look at new opportunities, what is your ideal culture fit? Again, you must compare their answers to what you consider your company’s culture fit to be. They may not be a perfect match, but they must be similar. If your company culture is team oriented and supportive, yet this candidate says they like to work independently, that may not be a good fit in the long run.
  8. Why did you choose to interview with our company? – This answer can also provide insight on if their idea of your company is actually true. If the candidate says they value that the company is very community oriented, yet the company is not, they may not be happy 6 months down the road.
  9. Describe your last supervisor or management team? The relationship between a supervisor and their employees is very important. How they answer will show you if they are a team player, can handle constructive feedback, respect authority, etc.
  10. What would your boss tell me about you as an employee? This question is similar to the one above, providing more insight into their previous relationships with superiors.
  11. What type of management style do you work best under? Another great question to figure out if the type of management style at your company will work well for the candidates. If your managers like to be in the know on all that is going on, yet the candidate shares they don’t work well under a micromanager, it will not be a good fit.
  12. Why have you chosen to go into this field of work? This question lets candidates share their passions, why they do what they do, what drives them, etc.
  13. Why should we hire you? Their answer can clarify any hesitancies you may have, demonstrate how confident they are in succeeding in this role, and ultimately show how interested they are in the opportunity.