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Have You Been Ghosted?

There’s a new term buzzing in the business world. It’s called ghosting. If you happen to be a lucky one who’s never experienced it, ghosting is defined as when someone cuts off all communication without explanation. So whether it’s a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or potential employee, you’re left with wondering what happened. In the recruiting world, there are a few things we’ve learned over the years to help prevent candidates from ghosting you:


  1. Make sure your process isn’t too slow. This is one of the main reasons we never hear back from candidates. Whether you’re contacting them for a second interview or reaching out to make a potential offer, if you never hear back, chances are you’ve been ghosted. Nobody likes delivering bad news, so they choose to instead avoid communication all together. A potential solution to this would be to try and get everyone to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there are multiple people who need to be in the hiring process, try having as many as possible in one interview. This saves the candidate’s time and prevents companies from asking redundant questions as well.
  2. Lack of communication. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the hiring managers’ schedule and the candidate’s schedule to line up. When this is the case, staying in communication with the candidate is KEY. Not only will staying in communication help them feel valued, but it will help to build a relationship. Once a relationship is built, it makes ghosting much harder.
  3. Cumbersome or intimidating hiring process. Our patience is possibly the shortest it’s ever been. We can have anything we want with 1-2 clicks these days. If the application process, interview process, or onboarding process is too lengthy, chances of being ghosted are much higher. Comb through your processes and see what can be consolidated or eliminated to create a smoother and more enjoyable process.
  4. Opportunity is not a match for the candidate. Take a look at the job opportunities you are offering and see how they compare to other jobs in the market. Are you offering competitive salary and benefits? What perks can your company offer to make this more attractive? Can you offer some out of the box perks (i.e. birthdays off, leaving early on Fridays in the summer, wellness programs, and remote opportunities, etc.)?


We hope these tips help minimize being ghosted in the future!