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9 Signs It Is Time For a Change

Starting a new job can be scary, but staying too long at a job that is no longer fulfilling can be even scarier. Below are some tell-tale signs we’ve learned over the years that it’s time to begin looking for a perfect fit.

  1. Advancement is no longer likely. We aren’t suggesting that you have to keep climbing the career ladder or move on, but if you feel you’ve reached the maximum potential at your current employer, it may be time to start looking for that next step in your career advancement. While promotions may not be an option at a smaller company, your duties and responsibilities can expand.
  2. The cons outweigh the pros. You will always have cons in your current job. As long as the pros outweigh the cons, you’re good. If the list of cons starts growing to where you can’t even see the pros anymore, it’s time to start evaluating your future.
  3. You don’t feel appreciated/valued. This can be a tricky one to figure out. We all have our “love languages” we desire to hear or see that make us feel valued and appreciated on a personal and professional level. If you aren’t feeling valued at work, a conversation may need to happen about the type of recognition you need to feel appreciated. If that conversation has already happened and you still don’t feel others see your hard work and dedication, consider your future further.
  4. Toxic boss or environment. This one is probably a more obvious one than others. If you have a boss or manager that is always putting you down, lacks integrity, takes credit for your work, etc., it’s time to leave. If the environment around is negative or full of cliques, you need to find a more positive atmosphere.
  5. Your job doesn’t challenge you anymore. Your job should always be exciting to you, challenging you to be smarter or work harder. If you are no longer learning new things and everything you do seems mundane, you’re not only harming yourself by staying there, you’re harming your employer.
  6. Your job is affecting your health. Nothing is more important than your health! Of course there will be times and seasons in everyone’s career where your stress level is high, but it shouldn’t be high all the time. Consider other opportunities if your job is negatively affecting you physically or mentally.
  7. Your employer has stopped investing in you. Companies should always be wanting to improve their employee’s knowledge and skills whether that’s through webinars, seminars, online courses, etc.
  8. Your company is practicing unethical or unlawful behavior. This one seems pretty obvious, but never the less, stay away from companies involved in illegal/immoral behavior.
  9. You do not feel fairly compensated for your workload. This one can be hard to determine. Compensation is based on several things: skills, level of experience, geographical region, and what your company can afford. Unfortunately, if you’re at a small company, you may be getting paid the most they can offer. In this scenario, try to focus on the bigger picture. If you’re only con is you aren’t paid what you think you should be making, change your perspective and appreciate the rest of your pros! If you’re at a mid to large corporation and you don’t feel you’re being fairly compensated, first have a conversation with your immediate manager to see your options.

Changing jobs can be a scary process, but staying in a job you don’t enjoy anymore can be even scarier! If you’ve realized after reading these signs it may be time for a move, Godshall can help you! We’ve written several blogs on resume writing, tips for interviewing, and even what to look for in your next job in addition to compensation. Here at Godshall, we have hiring perfected.

Written by: Shawn Kinard