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Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid Part II

We continue our series on most common resume mistakes to avoid. Below are 5 more tips our recruiting professionals listed to help give you that resume advantage.

  1. Improper/Inappropriate Email Addresses
  2. First Person Pronouns Used
    • When explaining your duties or a summary of yourself, don’t use first person. Instead of saying, “I managed a team of 4 staff accountants and clerks,” simply say “Managed a team of 4 staff accountants and clerks.”
  3. Not Updating Contact Information /No Contact Information
    • Make sure your full contact information is on your resume and that it is updated before sending. It’s very hard to reach out about setting up an interview if the phone number listed on your resume has been disconnected.
  4. Too Much Personal Information
    • A hiring professional only needs to know the professional side of you. Often we see hobbies or interests listed on a resume. Unless you are applying for a Bungee Jumping Instructor position, we don’t need to know you love to bungee jump. These topics can be discussed as light conversation in an interview, but should not be listed on the resume.
    • Also, a resume shouldn’t have your marital status, date of birth, or pictures.
  5. Only Using Spellcheck to Proof
    • Unfortunately spellcheck only catches misspelled words. It does not catch that you typed Accounting Manger and not Accounting Manager. Make sure to have someone else proofread your resume before sending.


Stay tuned for the last 5 next week!