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Update from Godshall Recruiting

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As our team continues to acclimate themselves to what has become our “new normal”, I want to take the time to let you know how much we value you and how much you mean to our Godshall Recruiting family. Our dedicated recruiting team is continuing to work remotely and full time to meet your needs. We are continuing to recruit for clients who have current hiring needs, and we are providing temporary employees to cover for those who have staff shortages or specialized needs specific to this unique time. Though we miss the face to face interactions and being able to visit your business, we have made the commitment to reach out to every assigned employee and client even more often during this time.

We are incredibly grateful to our clients for the careful consideration you have given to our temporary employees who are working for your organizations. Many of you have been able to preserve full time roles using remote work, while others have made safe spaces for our employees to work from your essential businesses. While we recognize that keeping our employees working may not always be an option, we truly hope that you will allow us to send back to you those who are doing a good job for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we are regularly educating our employees about their options for income in the event that they need to take leave due to COVID-19 or may qualify for unemployment benefits on a temporary basis.

Our business is so much more than a local staffing firm. We are a 52 year old business representing thousands of candidates, employees, and clients whom we’ve touched over the years. We take our commitment to our partners and to our community very seriously. In our 52 years, we’ve weathered good times and bad with the help of dedicated clients like you. When we say we are here for you, we mean it. While we strive to talk with each of you regularly, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is any way we can be a partner to you. In addition, we’d ask you to be another set of eyes and ears for our temporary employees, who may share needs or issues where we can be of help. 

With gratitude,

Julie Godshall Brown              Drew Brown                Ginny Beach